Jon Langford is a punk rocker from Wales who lives in Chicago and paints apocalyptic visions of the American West. His new solo album Here Be Monsters is available on Indegoot Recordings on April Fool's Day 2014.

When my first son Jimmy was born in 1997 my wife went back to work within a few short un-European months and I was left at home to watch him not do very much at all. Jimmy was a pretty stoic buddha of a baby and between naps and diaper explosions we would amuse ourselves watching VHS videos of great rock bands. I thought this was an important part of his early learning. I had a video of Black Sabbath live in Paris in 1969 and would bounce Jimmy happily on my knee and sing along with War Pigs and Electric Funeral.

Imagine my surprise when 14 or so years later I'm dropping him off in Grant Park to see the reformed Sabbath play Lollapalooza. I never saw them play but I love them dearly. Jimmy told me later that he did not appreciate Ozzie's clapping and grunting through Tony Iommi's guitar solos. Now he turns me onto wild stuff like Death Grips, Killer Mike and Twin Peaks and fronts his own dynamite teen garage punk band called the UnGnomes.